Alma Mater Merchandise: Essential Mousepads; Fine Cups and Mugs;Keychains of Distinction; The Mr. Finch's Ties Collection.
Essential Mousepads:

Sometimes the computers in your life need something special. Decorate your workspace with one of our finely-designed mousepads.

  • Computer Center Mousepad: Festooned with scenes of Blenheim School's renowned Computer Center, this mousepad is a perfect complement for nearly any desk.

Fine Cups and Mugs:

Essential to our modern lifestyle, the simple coffee mug has become a locus of expression as well, for mugs with whimsical logos may be found brightening even the most stolid of offices. Our selection is not limited to mugs; each design is also available on travel mugs and steins.

  • Alma Mater Logo: A fine receptacle for beverages hot and cold, the Alma Mater logo is available on mugs and glasses of many sizes and shapes. I myself am fond of the navy 'ringer' mug design.

Keychains of Distinction:

Our keychains are made of the finest scratch-resistant Mylar and provide an elegant means of keeping your keys together. With your keys jauntily hanging from one of our 2.25" spheres, you will be in control and in style!

The Mr. Finch's Ties Collection:

Now you too can look like a painfully earnest English teacher! Each tie in the Collection is inspired by one of the neckties worn by Blenheim school's very own Stephen Finch.

  • The Crabby Tie: Whether you're headed for the office or a day at the beach, you can't go wrong with this nautical tie. This item was inspired by the tie worn by Mr. Finch in comic #105, "Mr. Finch's Opus."
  • The Crabby Tie II: This sequel to "The Crabby Tie" features a slightly different design, but is still just as stylish as the original.

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