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Blenheim School For Girls
This institution has been around for over 100 years, gradually changing from a finishing school to a prep school with a feminist bent. Nonetheless, it maintains a strong sense of tradition. ... more
Rachel Adler
Rachel is friendly, happy-go-lucky, and athletic. She can also be a bit goofy at times. ... more
Alexis Darrow
Alexis is pretty cynical about Blenheim and the world around her. Sometimes, her criticisms are valid, although she also uses sarcasm to cover up her own self-consciousness. ... more
Jessica Gutierrez
Jess wants to stand out and be popular, and she sometimes acts out when she is feeling insecure. However, this tendency is tempered by her good sense of humor. ... more
Laurel Oh
Laurel is a serious girl who loves to write. She is part of the staff of the Owler, Blenheim's school newspaper. ... more
Eileen Vogel
Eileen is imaginative and tends to obsess about fantasy, animation, and other weird things. Because of this, and because she sometimes behaves oddly, she is something of an outcast. ... more
Supporting Cast: Cheryl Wagoner-Burke Clarissa Pontellier Dr. Galt Mrs. March Stephen Finch
Whitney Robinson ||   

Whitney Robinson attended an all-girls' secondary school similar to Blenheim. ... full profile