As often as I can. No other promises.

Next morning, of course.

Y'know, if you have a hangover, it may not be the brightest thing in the world to referee a match between the two mightiest fighters in the world...

Thunderous doesn't seem to have much of a hangover, though, despite drinking much more than Lafferty.

Giving an idea just how dangerous these two ARE.  It's the first time we've seen Footfall in his "working clothes", by the way, the custome that helps protect him against his own amplified vibrations.

Thunderous has a lot of power, but he can't just fly away.  So he needs a vehicle. The vtol/ramjet is camouflaged to blend in with the sky a bit, but Wonder Woman's invisible plane it's not.

Yeah, Thunderous is a likable Russian lug.  He's also quite merciless, and is amused by hitting people.  He doesn't need the money, since he's part of the Next Level.  He likes roughly handling people.  He rather likes Lafferty, but he'd kill Flickerflame without a second thought  if Soul ordered it.

Part of this is to explore Thunderous and his relationship with Lafferty, as I did Vigilant in the previous storyline.  Many hotels that were huge in the Catskills went belly-up in the thirties and forties.

 And we'll be seeing much more of Teresa, Thunderous' wife, next time.

A look at Thunderous' home life.  You can't have super-strength...without taking in more food. Strength needs FUEL...which means eating more.  Thunderous is half-German and half-Russian---and the encounter that transformed him happened in Russia. 

 Next time--a look at his wife, Teresa Morgan--and what she can do.

Suprise!  Thought we were going to learn more about Thunderous' origin, right? Later. Right now, he's satisfying a ravenous appetite...

I thought we'd learn a little about Teresa Rowan-Donner, also known as DNAvatar. She's "sensitive" to genetic patterns---and can activate or suppress genetic traits and conditions.

She also has an...appetite...of her own.

Lafferty is NOT the best-looking guy in the world, and she's not fallen in love with him.  But "till death till you part" has a different meaning when your lifetime is potentially endless, thanks to the Next Level member Ageless.  She's bored. His wit and sarcasm makes him very, very different from her husband, who's very blunt and direct. When you have nothing but chocolate, occasionally strawberry is a good change of pace...

She's also married to the most powerful individual on Earth.  If Lafferty rejects any advancs she makes, and she tells Thunderous he tried to hit on HER, he's dead.  If he does something with her, and Thunderous finds out, he's dead. (Not to mention his lover, Saigon/Attractive, would never forgive him.)

Yeah. Lafferty's screwed. 



The exoskeletal braces don't lift for Thunderous. They support his bones, which aren't as strong as his muscles.  Otherwise, all the strength in the world won't keep his legs or arms from snapping.  His innate powerful electromagnetic field powers all his weapons---even the electron-charge-suppression-ultimate weapon.  His belt serves as a focus, directing his power where needed....including, if need be focusing it all into his muscles.

In effect, he's a huge battery, whose power can be directed in a number of ways...and can fuel a variety of weapons.

So will stealing Thunderous' equipment do any good?  We'll find out---next time. 




Those of you familiar with REALITEASE on the CROSSOVERLORD webcomisnaiton site will be familiar with the naming conventions here....as well as the Smiling Man.  Jerome Gerard seems a normal businessman, but trust me, he has access to things nobody on our world (or Lafferty's) would be familiar with.  His "deadly lovelies" do also.  The Smiling Man gives his top agents access to the best weaponry in the multiverse.

It's the Smiling Man's name for the various realities in the multiverse.  After all, "Ringo" would hardly pick names out of Greek Mythology...

Powerful though he is, if Thunderous is separated from his weaponry, he can't do nearly as much. 

How does Lafferty fit in?  You'll see.


I thought it was about time that Lafferty check in with the important people in his life...Helen, his daughter who's paralyzed over half her body, his lover, Saigon/Attractive, and the leader of the Next Level, Ashton Soul alias Lore. (AKA Sage.)  Lafferty hates Soul, but neither one of them gain anything if Gerald moves against Thunderous. Their interests...coincide.

Besides, it doesn't hurt to remind Thunderous' wife, DNAvatar, that he's a father and is already involved with someone else.

You might notice that Soul isn't using a phone or cellphone---and no, he's not using a Bluetooth either.  He IS a Bluetooth, basically. He can connect with any network, just by...himself.


DNAvatar is restless...

Lafferty's not that good-looking, but he does have a "bad boy" vibe.  And by leaving the note, and invoking Lore's name, even Teresa Rowan-Donner/DNAvatar doesn't dare raise a stink.  Lore might be able to confirm a particular time before Lafferty left, that might be awkward for Teresa to explain, if she accuses Lafferty of anything....

As Teresa points out, there are some drawbacks to having a lover who's a walking battery...especially in intimate moments. 

Yes, I did have fun drawing this sequence, thanks.   


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