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To a certain extent the bad guy reminds me of a Bond villain--albeit a Bond villain usually doesn't electrify a roof.  Lafferty hasn't faced a lot of people who are prepared for  him, who know what he can do.  He's going to find---there are some drawbacks to his abilities---which this gentleman is about to exploit to the fullest.

I know, I know...it's been too long.  I had two HUGE pages to do for CROSSOVERLORD, in addition to Mindmistress, and I just got caught up in other things.

Anyway...it's a nice trap, and shows one of the DISadvantages of Flickerflame's powers.  If you separate his "selves", only one of his selves can change back.

Flickerflame's body adjusted to the much smaller mass by becoming the only human form his body remembered being that small ---a newborn's.  He still has his memories, and a newborn has most of the brain mass of an adult, but still, there IS more growth going on after a child is born, so his thoughts are...hazy. Sharpter than they were as a falcon, but that's it.

And awwwww, doesn't he make a cute baby? (Boy, if he were real, he'd kick my butt for saying that...)

Now Mr. Gerald is going to negotiate---and make Flickerflame an offer he can't refuse.  

This started out much more corny, much more threatening...

Then Lafferty started talking...and the "breastfeeding" line just seemed to be a natural, and his cutting Gerald short and cutting to the chase, just seemed a natural...

It's nice to have a character who writes HIMSELF...

It's nice to have an amoral character also.  If he were a typical altruistic super-hero, he'd never make that offer, and no one would ever believe him.  But now you're wondering---would he do it?  He's effectively trapped...he has it in for the Next Level ANYWAY...why not?

Yet...you're never sure about Lafferty.

One reason he's such a fun character to write.    

The fine art of the deal.
Two smart manipulators----one urbane, one street-smart.  Neither one truly trusts the other--but is perfectly willing to USE the other.
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