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Conical for Saturday, January 20th, 2007 by William S who can alter the past by sheer force of will alone.

Those of you who haven't read Terror Island might not understand this storyline, but Jame was a demon for one storyline.

The more fontly observant among you may have noticed that this comic is done in Verdana and not in Arial as the past few comics have been. This is because Verdana is a good font for web display and although Arial is better than most other fonts at that, Arial still isn't very good. For the first few strips I used something called "8514oem" or something like that but I stopped using that when I switched to making these comics in Linux, because Linux didn't have 8514oem. Somehow I missed Verdana when I chose Arial for the strips after that.
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William S. likes programming and doesn't like 3-D modelers. He prefers editing POV-Ray files by hand, even if it limits what he can do. ... full profile