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Saint Amaimon

I am the founding member of the band Black Dream.
If you like them, check out a few more MP3's here
I also sing, and write music for a band called The Dropouts.
Another band I sing, and write music for is Not Of God. It is a project whos main focus is Satanic Worship, and gang rape.
I have one other minor noise project, because it really requires no skill or talent to create noise music.
Popkill, and The David Koresh All-Stars.
I promise you the name is the only redeaming quality.

I am the creator/artist/”writer” of Cocoa The Clown.

You can check out my blog here, which features The Cocoa The Clown Show, posted every saturday morning with a bunch of other comics, and nifty surprises. Like a show, cept its not.

I also write for a site called Mysanthropy Online, which not only hosts the advice colum I used to do, but is hosting The Dropouts second full length album, Pedophile Park for FREE DOWNLOAD. I have a link page on there too, with links to all of the other nifty little things Im currently up to. You can find that link here.