Hey everyone! Ali here.

 I just wanted to say hello (hello!!) to all the readers and let you all know we've been working on a new site. We wanted a little more control over the appearance and organization of our comic.

Our dear friend Roman (applause for Roman!) has been working on the new site, and it's finally ready for release! Be sure to go take a look at www.analog-comics.com and give us some feedback. 

We'd love to hear from you!

 Thanks everyone!



Hey everyone! Ali here- 

Just wanted to let you all know that Hayley and I are in class again as of Thursday, so updates (like today's) might be a little less punctual than before. ><

 We're trying. Really.

 Have a great weekend!


See you next week.


This week's cameo goes to Roman- Our trusty webmaster-ninja! He PHPs and MySQLs like no other. Also, this week you get TWO (that's right, count-em, TWO) comics to make up for last week when my 19 units got the better of me. Fear not though, since I've carved out some good time to work on the comic during the week that kind of blip shouldn't be happening again. Part two of this weeks update should come in a couple hours, so check back in. Thanks for all the webmastery, Roman! :-)

Please change your RSS feeds to our other site, www.analog-comics.com!

Also, stay tuned for daily comics (coming soon!) :D

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