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Hey folks, this is a character turnaround of Aphra Azure, created for the Animaritime 2009 website.

We added a mascot section to the site http://animaritime.org/mascots.php . I'm now uploading them here for archival purposes, and to celebrate that this year's convention is March the 6th! Which when this updates, is just ONE WEEK AWAY! Here's Aphra's Bio-

Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Blood Type: R
Favorite Food: Space Ramen (it grew on her over the years)

Aphra is the intrepid captain of the crew, and the most level-headed if violence prone. After training in the Space Academy, Aphra found herself stuck in the deadend job of a stewardess on an interstellar travel ship. Seeking adventure, with delusions of grandeur, she formed a crew of Space Pirates with Moe and Patchy, acquiring the talking space seagul Frelly later on. She is skilled in both mecha combat and swordfighting.

She has proven an expert space pirate, skilled in combat and at finding bounty, though is still not accustomed to the payroll. Mme. Kaichou keeps her employees on budget.

Fight on, poverty sticken Space Pirate!


Patchy Chan
Height: 4 feet 10 inches
Blood Type: SS
Favorite Food: Pocky

Patchy is the former mascot/princess of an amusement planet, something with she protested against daily. Preferring work as a mechanic, she jumped at the chance to flee her crown, build giant robots, and perform other feats of mad machinery-science. A prodigy engineer, she sometimes takes too much pride in her work, to a maniacal degree. Her hobbies include comics, cartoons, and other horrific forms of geekery.

How did Patchy lose her eye? Let's just say she didn't heed convention staff's advice about running with weapons.

Animaritime 2009 Mascot art- Moe Matsue!


Moe Matsue

Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Blood Type: Z
Favorite Food: Warm Cocoa

Moe is currently employed as Aphra's navigator, a questionable position due to the system's. Moe spends much of her days napping [her humanoid species is prone to Narcolepcy], occasionally performing menial tasks, and when in the mood, baking for the crew.

An heiress/socialite in her previous life, Moe attended school with Marisu and Patzy. As such, like many of Marisu's former classmates, she faces constant threats of vengeance, though she was generally amiable and laid back in school.

Despite her general air of ditziness, Moe is an integral part of the Oronooko'screw, her telekinetic skills occasionally coming in handy in tight spots.

. , (john_peters) says: For a moment there i read Blood Type as Warm Cocoa. Synapse misfire...
Andre Richard (andre) says: In Moe's case, it's probably not far from the truth.....
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