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Miss Marisu

Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Blood Type: Filthy Rich. You'd never be able to afford some.
Favorite Food: Whatever's most expensive

The heiress to a vast intergalactic empire, Marisu attended the same academy as Moe, something Moe often forgets to Marisu's anger. She believes herself a wonderful, courageous, generous person, and anyonewho disagrees can further discuss it with her collection of proton guns.

With extensive funds available to her, she has enlisted her friend/crony Patzyinto teaming up with her as a Space Pirate, though still unrecognized by the union. Will she be able to fulfill her dreams of intergalatic conquest?

We'll root for you Miss Marisu!



Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Blood type: Very Wimpy
Favorite Food: Cream of Wheat

From a respectable family of bureaucrats, Patzy was a middle child who was often ignored by her peers and siblings,until a loud, bossy classmate noticed she was the only one who listened to her demands, and would often stoop in assisting her mad schemes. They've been best friends ever since.

The brains of the operation, Patzy unknowingly manages to make Marisu a legitimate threat. She would share more of her bio, but Miss Marisu told her to get back to work.


Fujoshi 5000

Height: 6 feet
Fluid type: Iron
Favorite Food: Other's suffering

When Marisu decided to carry through with her vengeance on Aphra, she thought akiller android would be the best thing, and ordered the subservient, cleanly, cute and deadly martial arts trainedFlower Maid 5000. However, the brain scans used in constructing this early run model resulted in Fujoshi 5000, with the personality of a scary japanese fangirl. More interested in manga and anime than cleaning or maiming others, Fujoshi always leaves a trail of fanfiction in her wake.

And you thought the Robot Maids in anime were frightening enough!

The Aphra Turnarounds come to an end, as we add the man-servant Wotaku, Butler from the stars!



Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Blood type: X
Favorite Food: Anything made by Miss Marisu [note- Patzy has poison control on speed dial for this reason]

Wotaku is the butler of Marisu's family, assigned by her father as a bodyguard during her Piracy activities. However, he's somewhat of a weakling, and is often caught in the crossfire of a horrific battle he'd rather not be in. Atleast he gives Patzy someone to look down on. Devoted to his Mistress, he carries around her daily planner, and is perhaps overly devoted, Marisu being completely oblivious to his having a heart.

Often crushed, defeated, and otherwise cruelly treated by his coworkers, he never gives up, and will do anything for the sake of his lady.

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