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Did you know Robots can talk! Well they can, in today's Mouffette Machine!

    Hey everyone! After a fairly long time since it's been on the internet, I'm posting the archives of my university-era comic strip, Mouffette Machine. It was published in Mount Allison's Argosy for a few years, starting around 2001, updating weekly with 1 to 4 pages, until around the time I launched Jeepers in 2003. The Argosy archives were phased out over the years, so it's mostly just been in my files for the past while. I figured rather then let it sit, share it ^_^

    I'm planning on finishing off the story with some new pages once I've finished posting the existing pages. They're a bit creaky, and it's the comic where I learned stuff, so consider it mostly for archival purposes ^_^ If you do like it, let me know! I'm both charmed and repulsed by it, since I love the characters, but the art seems to wierd looking back on it., much like the earlier pages of Jeepers.

    Be sure to check out Jeepers at Girlamatic for my most recent work, as well as the other comics here on my WCN site, which update occasionally when I have the time to draw up new stuff.

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