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Have Mathilde and Calliope's activities gone unnoticed? It's not everyday a girl receives a Robot in the mail...

 I had been reading some of Lea Hernandez's comics at the time, and loved how she encorporated pencils alongside her inks. So this was an element I ended up using on Mouffette Machine, It printed in the paper okay, though the pages were squished down a lot to fit 4 of them onto the paper, which made things confusing. So this posting of Mouffette Machine is the first time a lot of these pages have been seen at a larger size.

Now as to why a girl with a sword can skulk about in broad daylight, well I guess that's just comics logic operating.... if you cosplay Nemesis, please do so with a very light, plastic sword! A dollar store, hollow one even. Or foam. Convention staff will appreciate it.

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