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The Chronicles of William Bazillion for Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by Andrew Farago

Here's page one of Bill Blackbeard and the Great Comics Historians, a story I did back in 2003 for the Cartoon Art Museum's Spark Generators II anthology, edited by Jon "Bean" Hastings, and co-edited by me.  Copies are still available through the Cartoon Art Museum's bookstore, if you're interested.

This page talks about the state of comics scholarship pre-Blackbeard, illustrated with some hybrid comics (mash-ups?) based on popular early American newspaper strips.  The first is Dicky Tracy/Thimble Theater (aka "Popeye"), the second is Thimble Theater and Wash Tubbs, the third is Barnaby and Polly and Her Pals, and the fourth is Krazy Kat and Little Nemo in Slumberland.  I'm not completely sure why I used Popeye twice, apart from knowing it was a particular favorite of Bill's--and mine.

Eight years later, I'm pretty pleased with the concept and the art on this page, but if I were to re-draw this one, I'd make the lettering a lot clearer, and I'd play around with the Photoshop filters a little bit more.


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