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Victoria is the producer, head writer, and occasional host of the low budget television programs at Lobewood Studios. She's a sensible type - the kind who usually ends up doing all the work. ... more
Gallimimus is an ornithomimosaur (a dinosaur). He is also a writer and the main host for the various low budget television programs made at Lobewood Studies. He spends an enormous amount of effort evading actual work. ... more
Phil the Robotic Tuna
Phil looks like a cross between a giant tuna and a mech robot. His purpose, theoretically, is to produce comedy gold for the television programs at Lobewood Studies. But his "jokes," random parts of old gags, tend to cause more irritation than laughter. ... more
Spuggles is a cross between a Pokemon, Barney the Dinosaur, and a highly-trained super-spy assassin. He has been on deep cover behind enemy lines and in front of a camera entertaining the 2-5 year old crowd. His goal: talk show side kick. ... more
Mr. Pig (aka The Spleen Crusher)
Mr. Pig, a Guinea Pig, is also known by the code name "The Spleen Crusher." An expert at counter espionage and infiltration, Mr. Pig also specializes in stopping rogue robots. Someday he would like to direct. ... more
Evil Vicky
Evil Vicky is NOT Victoria's evil twin sister. Don't even get her started on that one. She would like to destroy Victoria and Lobewood Studios. Why she doesn't simply change the channel is not clear. ... more
Styracosaurus the Hench Saur
Styracosaurus is the Hench Saur for Evil Vicky. He's supposed to do the dirty work for all her evil schemes. Instead he offers helpful "suggestions" which aren't very helpful except in helping him avoid doing the dirty work. ... more
Lewis the Apatosaur
Lewis the Apatosaur (brontosaur) is a highly trained actor. At Lobewood Studios this makes him the receptionist. Lewis is bitter. Very, very bitter. ... more
Supporting Cast: Aiko Chomper D-Brat

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