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Gallimimus answers viewer mail.

Behind the Scenes

How does Gallimimus sit in a chair when he has that tail? I stole the answer from Harvey Birdman. I read an interview with some of the people who work on that cartoon and they couldn't figure out what to do with Harvey's huge wings when he say they simply ignored the issue. I take the same approach, although in practice I think it looks like there must be a hole in the chair.

I modeled a folded letter which is marginally passable, and also created a texture for each of the two letters. That was going to far, and I knew it, but it was still fun. You can just barely see second letter in panel 5.

In retrospect I should have added an actual floor for panel 6. The feet are supposed to be sticking out from under the rock, which I think is obvious from the context, but it also just looks like a rock with legs.

Behind the Lobe

This is the last of the original five I made for Renderosity to check before I was added to the Renderosity Comics Page. It still has the original premise in panel 1, the direct reference to The AnteriorLobe Show.

I also like the tiny tidbit in panel 1 where this show (the show within the cartoon) is a "Quinn-Lobe Production." You see, in the 60s there were all these shows which were "Quinn-Martin Productions," and my user name is AnteriorLobe and so...well, I still think it's funny.


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