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Non-Canonical: the funniest 3D rendered, weekly web comic that includes an ornithomimosaur as the star of a low-rent television show anywhere!

About Non-Canonical

Non-Canonical is a 3D rendered weekly comic about Victoria and Gallimimus (she's human, he's a dinosaur) and their adventures putting together a low-rent television show in between intrusions from temporal rifts, robotic fish, and super-spy rodents.

Non-Canonical is a direct sequel to The AnteriorLobe Show, a 3D rendered web comic about a low rent TV program called, not surprisingly The AnteriorLobe Show. Originally Non-Canonical was to be a short "behind the scenes" look at the making of The AnteriorLobe Show, but the longer format of the latter made it very time consuming to produce and it has been put on permanent hiatus. The four completed episodes of The AnteriorLobe are available on (Note: the first two episodes are not that good.)

With the demise of The AnteriorLobe Show, Non-Canonical shifted it's focus slightly and is now about Victoria and Gallimimus as they put together a slew of low-budget programs as well as their behind the scenes adventures. (Although it is doubtful than anyone reading Non-Canonical would have detected this shift.)


Non-Canonical is rendered using DAZ|Studio, a free software package available from DAZ Productions which is compatible with the popular Poser rendering software available from eFrontier America, Inc.. On occasion additional rendering is done with Bryce, landscape generation and rendering software also available from DAZ Productions

The principle models used throughout Non-Canonical are:

Victoria 3.0 RR available at DAZ Productions
Messy Hair created by Kozaburo, available at
Gallimimus created by Vairesh, available at DAZ Productions


Non-Canonical is also featured on Renderosity comics page.

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Check out Non-Canonical the weekly, CGI web comic about a girl, her dinosaur pal, and their adventures with temporal rifts, evil robotic fish and super spy rodents!

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