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Gallimimus has found the perfect new cast member...but Victoria isn't terribly impressed by his marketing data.

Behind the Scenes

I ended up modeling almost all the props used in this comic, the easel being the exception. Luckily (?) I had started the Robotic Tuna well before this cartoon was in the works. Although the hardest part of that was the texture. The tuna itself is a DAZ model that came with a package of older stuff sent after I joined the DAZ Platinum club. The "mech-style" legs are about as simple as can be, being all in one piece so the tuna can't do anything other than stand. Also, for reasons I can't really explain, I had made the small image with Erich Ludendorff and pastel flowers months before. I think I was planning to use it in The AnteriorLobe Show.

Behind the Lobe

This was the first cartoon after the initial batch of five I made for Renderosity. I think it's better than those original five, although the jokes are a bit obscure: I don't explain who Ludendorff is, and I don't go out of my way to show that the first graph is indeed based on a map of Paraguay (with west as "up".). Maybe it doesn't matter if people recognize these things or not. Maybe it's not funny even if they do.

I was also very happy with Gallimimus's expression in panel 5. He is an easy character to work with since there isn't very much that actually moves. The jaw and a couple of neck segments are about it, although I usually try to vary the tail orientation. Unlike most Poser-style creatures the Gallimimus model does not have separate movement in the eyes - they just point in the direction the head is moved. Despite that, I liked the way he looks like he is staring off into space in a slightly embarrassed manner, before turning to deliver the punch line in panel 6. I don't know...I may be attributing too much personality to a talking dinosaur.


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