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When Victoria reports poor ratings for one of Gallimimus' segments, what's an ornithomimosaur to do? Why sing, of course!

Behind the Scenes

This one was fairly easy to put together. Both the microphone and rear curtain were downloaded from the web. The Gallimimus! sign didn't take much effort to slap together.

I had a slight problem with the spotlight that Gallimimus uses in panels 4 and 5. I used an actual (or virtual, I guess) spotlight within the render in order to create the shadow, but there was no way to make the white spotlight outline on the floor without turning Gallimimus into a white blur. So, I just made a gray spot and stuck it on the floor. After rendering I should have changed the gray to white. But, I didn't.

Even though it was completely unnecessary to make, I liked the way Victoria's sweater turned out. I simply added a new texture and bump map to the relevant parts of the extremely useful Ultra Catsuit by DAZ. I just wanted to vary her outfits, although I ended up spending far too much time getting this one to look right, adding details that show up in a large image but are then lost when I crunch it down to comic size. Oh well. At least I can re-use it.

Behind the Lobe

This was my favorite comic to date, one made on the spur of the moment. I had a brief (very brief) job in Maryland which required a horrid daily commute and so listened to tapes in the car. There just happened to me a punk mixtape of my daughter's which included the Sid Vicious version of the Frank Sinatra standard "My Way." I probably hadn't heard that in twenty years.

For whatever reason the basic idea for this comic popped into my head along with modified lyrics. For the joke to work it requires some knowledge of the original song, by Frank or Sid. I think. Maybe it is funny if you don't know the tune? I thought it was funny.

I also liked the punchline (which I slapped on at the last minute) where Gallimimus says "that would be too much work." See, he just went to an enormous amount of trouble to sing the song and then doesn't want to bother with the show which has been put on hiatus. Well, I liked it.


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