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Double issue! Twice the usual Non-Canonical comedy (but in the same package...a pair of 3-panel strips).

Behind the Scenes

I spent an enormous amount of time on "G Magazine," very little of which actually ended with something you see up there on the screen, so to speak. I started with a free model of a newspaper I found somewhere and tweaked the mesh so that it looked more like like an open magazine. Then I remade the textures to create the front cover, back cover, and two inside pages.

The back cover uses a picture I made months previously, when I was just starting with The AnteriorLobe Show, and shows Gallimimus in an alley, slumped over drinking directly from a keg. That was going to show him at home. But once Non-Canonical started showing up on Renderosity I figured I couldn't leave him in the dumps like that. I do have a better home for him based on a model I bought from DAZ, although I have yet to actually use it in the comic.

Behind the Lobe

These two strips came a slightly different times soon after the original 5. Originally I was going to use them as web-only extras and not put them on the Renderosity Comic Page. But that was a dumb plan. I could have just loaded these separately, but around December 2006 I was several comics ahead of schedule for Renderosity, so I glued them together for this thrill packed double episode. Probably just as well. I think the first one about "G Magazine" is funny, but "The Sauna" falls flat. The setup was fine, I just couldn't come up with a good punch-line.


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