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Gallimimus presents two new books (which he wrote) on the segment "Gallimimus Talks About Culture Stuff."

Behind the Scenes

For this comic I made very simple book models and then added textures with a front and back cover and spine. Nothing very fancy for the most part. One model (which isn't used in this particular comic) had an overhanging cover, that is, the sides of the pages were indented along three sides, and the result looked terrible when rendered. In doing this the cover itself had no real depth, it was essentially just a 2-dimensional thing floating in 3-dimensional shape, and various stripes and artifacts were drawn on it. Very annoying but at least I learned not to do that for future models.

The ships featured on "The Planet of Poorly Designed Spacecraft" are authentically poorly designed things I made with Bryce in 2004. I was trying to make crappy spaceships, they just turned out like that.

The yellow gas giant planet, also from that time period, is better, but I can see it still needs work if I ever use it in an actual render.

Behind the Lobe

The idea for this comic was stolen from the fourth (and last) episode of The AnteriorLobe Show where Gallimimus talks about six or seven books. "Bobby The Blimp's Bad Day" was my favorite there (and here) and I couldn't resist adding in more "Air Pals" adventures in panel 5. As is usually the case I think it's funny.

The "Planet of Poorly Designed Spaceships" didn't make the cut for The AnteriorLobe Show, although there were no restrictions on the number of panels. For some reason I just didn't use it, but found it funnier this time around. Probably because it was going up on Renderosity where people can recognize bad models. At least most people can.

In panel 4 the word "luftshippertruppe" just means air ship crewman. The quote seemed amusing at the time...who I am kidding? I still think it is funny.

At some point in the future more books from The AnteriorLobe Show will migrate over to the cartoon, if for no other reason than I already have them modeled and rendered.


To be added!

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