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Gallimimus presents a scene from The Amazing Colossal Man, performed by the Bad Movie Line Players, in an super extra special 9-panel Non-Canonical!

Behind the Scenes

This didn't take as long to render, for the most part, since non-humans are much easier to pose than Victoria. Also I don't have to worry about what they wear. Aiko is sort of in the middle of that, although I only have one or two possible outfits, which saves times, and her pose is very simple. The hardest one to get read was D-Brat since I wanted him to wear the prop hat (which had to be fit to his head manually) and for him to be saluting (which took longer than it was worth). Of course after all that I didn't even use him.

On the other hand I ended up liking Chomper more than I expected. I liked that smug-asshole expression he has in the second to last panel, as well as the blubbering-asshole look at the end.

Behind the Lobe

I've seen the movie "The Amazing Colossal Man" as done by Mystery Science Theater 3000. I recognized it when I was flipping through a book of bad movie lines and then thought...oh boy, a cartoon. The plan is to use the three characters here for future installments of "Bad Movie Line Theatre."

There certainly is no lack of material, although it was slightly harder than I expected to cram stuff into the 6-panel format which is used on the Renderosity Comic Page. And in fact to fit it in without making it too text-filled I had to edit Dr. Linstrom's dumb science slightly. Feeling bad about this omission I also created the longer version here. This wasn't much longer, though, so I ended up adding the double-panel cast line-up. This 6-panel/9-panel stuff may not be exciting, but it is what I worry about when I put these things together.

Another tiny, tiny detail which has far too much significance for me is that the first panel reads "Non-Canonical presents..." and makes no reference to The AnteriorLobe Show. By this point I knew I was never going to get back to that and so mentally shifted the premise of Non-Canonical. It's hard to say what effect that switch has on anything, anywhere, but again, I worry about these things. Sad, I know.


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