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AnteriorLobe is a staff cartoonist at Renderosity and the creator of Non-Canonical.

The small picture of a helium nucleus which we have thoughtfully included only vaguely resembles AnteriorLobe. Little else about him is known. Except for the menu thing which hasn't been confirmed in the field and, frankly, shouldn't have been set in all caps on the "short bio." I'm not sure who put that in there. Probably one of those "hackers" with their l33t speak and their iPods. In my day we didn't need no stinkin' numbers to be in the elite! And we were proud of that, damn proud. Portable music? A cabinet-sized Victrola strapped to our back! Sure it hurt, but we didn't care, we were part of the numberless elite! Okay, we cared when that stupid dog came around to listen to the big sound funnel thing attached to the phonograph, and we cared that the stupid dog was named "Nipper." But did you know "Nipper" has his own entry in Wikipedia? It's true!

l33t. Serious back injuries. Nipper. It's the circle of life, my friend, the circle of life.

Want more info on AnteriorLobe? If you read this far we seriously doubt it, but nevertheless a brief bio is available at his Renderosity home page.

Check out Non-Canonical the weekly, CGI web comic about a girl, her dinosaur pal, and their adventures with temporal rifts, evil robotic fish and super spy rodents!

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