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Oh My...

Once in a While


Patricia Mancy
Known to everyone in the entire series as Patch. Patch is the hyper one and will not care what anyone says about her,even if it's her friends (coughs) Emily (coughs). ... more
Jadice Mancy
Called Jadey to everyone, she is the young sister of Patch. She has a sweet personality and is also is a smart alec once in while. ... more
Lita Artinez
Lita is the agressive one. Like Patch, Lita also doesn't care what anyone says. Just as long as they back away from her when she's mad. ... more
Emily Madison
Emily is the rich girl who did not become popular because she rich. Though sometimes she acts uptight. ... more
Anne Darwin
Don't let her last name fool you. She's not related to Charles Dariwn(or so I've heard.)She is the youngest of this group and is pretty much the only one who acts her age. ... more
Rita Johnson
Rita maybe the tallest one of the group. But she has to watch out for those dangling lamps . ... more
Elizabeth Acade
Super Genius or a crackpot. Elizabeth has the tools to fix or invent. But she has a long way to go. ... more
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I from Texas, I've been preparing "Who's To Know?" for three years and now it's ready to face te world :D ... full profile