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About Monica Gallagher's Gods & Undergrads
Welcome to my new subscription service! From now on, all recent entries of Gods & Undergrads will be free on the day they're updated. Anything that happened in the story before that will ask for a subscription to view.

Why am I setting the Gods & Undergrads archvies up for subscription? I figured it was time to take my comics more seriously. I spend lots of time and love on them, so I wanted to show that to people. Comics aren't something I do as a hobby or on a whim, they're a true labor of love!

What subscribing includes: Full access to the series from the beginning for all your viewing/reviewing needs

Plus I'll heart you forever!

- Monica

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Your credit card will be billed once a month, and you can cancel if you realize you're not using the site, or if you'd rather spend your money on something else. So there's no risk at all!
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