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Herbert Richardson is originally from Lumberton, North Carolina. He graduated high school at Lumberton Senior High and moved to Greensboro where he attended NC A&T State University in Civil Engineering. After graduation he began to diversely use his skills in art through different mediums and engineering. In the end of 2005 he began his professional career in comic art and graphic design. Herbert's resume reaches out in many different forms of art to showcase his talents. From tattoos, to T-shirts, flyers, web logos, music entertainment logos, and muriels, in North Carolina and the east coast you have run into his work. He views any new form of medium a challenge and a medium he will 'perfect' prior to intial views of his clients or interested parties. At 25 he is making major moves to be recognized on a professional level. Herbert has been commented as 'an old soul' and a man passionate of his people and his surroundings. He comments that "Hood Classic" is his first mouthpiece of things that have been left unsaid in Urban America. With such beautiful perspectives and bold shadows, it portrays a real tale of life with a poetic instance for reflection.