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Hello! My name is Jessica, and nickname is Arwym Starlight. Please call me Arwym. 

Welcome to one of my comic projects, 'The Dream Agency'! This is the story of a 16-year-old adopted girl who, in her 16th birthday, receives a mysterious letter. The mysterious letter mentions her family and, in special, an older brother, whose existence she was not aware of, until that moment.

And now, the girl's dream is to meet her brother. But where is he? The strange letter does not tell. Will she be able to find him?

This is where the story begins. This is a story of those who pursuit their own dreams, and of those whose only desire is to help them on their quest.

This story shall contain sane humour, life situations, some romance, and who knows what else!

I hope you'll enjoy it. I am a beginning artist, we could say. I hope to improve over time.

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