Just Another Day

Welcome to the comic! This is the final version of what the comic will look like when it goes to print. While I did enjoy coloring the pages, I rather prefer them in pencil. Perhaps someday I'll release a color edition.
Shanku had better dodge pretty soon, eh? My apologies if the antelope look incredibly silly. I've never really drawn them leaping about before. It was fun practice though.
Happy Turkey Day everybody!
Horse in the sixth panel is supposed to be skewed. The horse in the second panel is not. I still have practicing to do... Gah, it feels like the scene is just dragging on and on. I have plans for this comic! I need to work faster.
Whoops. Antelope's goin' the wrong way. Sorry 'bout that.

I'm not trying to bulk up Gramps, I'm just not familiar with wrinkles and old bodies. XD

Dai's kid was kinda unexpected. I accidentally implied that he had a kid in that fourth panel, so instead of rack my brain to figure out how to word it properly, Dai now has a cub of his own. It explains his patience with Shanku, at any rate.

It has been a busy day. And tomorrow looks even busier. Most of the day was eaten up by trees. Relearning how to draw trees. I'm still not sure about how the leaves turned out, but the bark looks great. This page also had to break in a new Sharpie pen half-way through. Yay, new Sharpie!
Merry Christmas everybody! If you're reading this, I'm off with my family. Eh, whether or not ya celebrate Christmas, I don't care. I wish you I beautiful weekend with loved ones. =)

If you plan to get totally wasted, do so at a place that lets you crash on the couch all night. =P

Last update for 2009! See you next year!
Happy New Year! First update of 2010! Exciting, no? And it seems Shanku has made her New Years resolution. Heehee. So concludes the first chapter. Kinda short but at least the introductions are now done. =)
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