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Welcome! This is the very post! How exciting! It feels like the beginning to something great! This comic is all about things that happen to me (or once in a while, my friends). Odd and ridiculous, I hope you enjoy.

So this one happened on my birthday, I went ot Outback and I wanted the waitress to speak with an Australian accent and she wouldn't! Not even on my birthday! Oh well.

Come on, you know there is one point in your life where you wished you had super powers. Mine was during a critique because I was really bored and thirsty. Also that juice was delicious.
Ok, so right now I have a archive of comics that I need to catch  you guys up on, so posts will be pretty much daily until I am all caught up!  This one happened in February when my roommate and I decided to go to speed dating at our college to meet people. She came up with this great question! Haha, I love my Kaitlyn! Also if you haven't figured it out yet, I am the one with the shorter bob hair cut.

I think as the comic progresses the characters looks become more recognizable and consistent. But during the beginning especially I am learning and figuring things/looks/characters out. 

So I decided that I should make a comic for every single day in May! So here is the first official one... since May 1st isn't done yet...

Also, I am trying to work on my style, and I bought a nib and will be doing this with ink and nibs. I need more practice! But I feel like this is something I could really get good at! 

 Last, the important part of this comic is that I am drinking BOBA TEA! Yum!! 

All I have to say is if they quit making the chicken phillys so good I could stop eating there! Also He even came over and finished making it for me.

Today wasn't that exciting, and when I was complaining to my friend John over the internet (what else is it for) I totally thought I got ink on my brand new shirt! I was very upset.... until I realized it was water. Opps.


And while I am home I don't have a scanner, so this image is a little blurry cause I have to do the whole photo thing. You guys can cope though. :)

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