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Super Barracuda!, she’s our hero! She’s gonna fight logic and reasoning down to zero!

Well this comic came to me in a flash of anger last week. Anger at the press, the politicians, and the people who say they are “on the fence” or the ones too lazy to vote. See the facts! Learn the truth! Make a decision! Then vote! This is just the beginning! Together, we can make a difference!


Please check this and many more wonderful political webcomics out at Super Barracuda!

Super Barracuda and Gramps tackle the dodgy topic of sexism. McCain can’t be sexist, can he? After all, he did choose a female running mate! We shall all see in due time…


Auilix for  Super Barracuda!

Sad but true, your average voter probably won’t read up on the facts, and will be drawn into the words that are shouted loudly at them.


Auilix for  Super Barracuda!

I’m kind of annoyed at the amount of people who compare Sarah Palin’s jaunt in the U.N. to Obama’s July tour of Europe. She isn’t speaking at the U.N. or taking interviews, whereas Obama’s tour was solely for the purpose of meeting people, talking with them, and listening. Said French President Nicolas Sarkozy of Obama: “Forgive us, but we had sort of forgotten that American politicians could be so perceptive and so well-spoken”


Auilix for Super Barracuda!

So Palin Meet with some people at the UN on Tuesday, and answered virtually one question from a reporter, about how her day was going. And just when we were going to find out more about our maybe-soon-to-be-presidential candidates, McCain pulls thisso he can take time to single-handedly save the economy.

Couldn’t you have done that last week or the week before? Those times when the economy REALLY took a hit? Or could it be that you had some kind of ulterior motives?

  Auilix for Super Barracuda!

Thank you Media!  But our Princess Palin is in another castle!

So the Media is just nipping at the heels of Palin, but they just aren’t given enough time to really let her shine. Whenever Palin really lets her thoughts out, it’s McCain (McBowser?) out there to save the day. So is McCain protecting Palin from the media, or is it the other way around?

 Auilix for  Super Barracuda!

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