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Well, since most would have no idea what I'm about with this kickoff to the comic... I'll explain:

1.  Assitant Manager: Basically the team coach. Usually has a more laid-back appearance, but has no actual clue as far as what's really going on.

2.  Bakery Workers: Oh boy. First of all, bakery has the potential to be one of the lamest jobs imaginable. Except it seems they like to keep a fair share of people who like to act crazy from time to time. The bakery I work in in particular.. whew. The fun just never stops. Unless it's the honorary "bad mood" day of the week, then it's just eerie.

3. Break Time: Pretty self-explanitory. Break time = rush away as fast as possible or else someone will catch you and have you do something.

4. Corporate: Pretty much if the assistant manager can't tell you what to do, they say to give corporate a call. Of course corporate has too many adoring fans to have much business with you personally. These are those who run your fate, but you have no idea what they actually look like.

5.  Darvy Gun: Puts dates on things. Everything must have a date by the laws of corporate. Rather the gun works, or the date is correct, is entirely something else.

6.  Decorating in Progress: Basically watch yourself, the girls are elbow deep in icing and not afraid to fling it if you bump into them. The concentration part of the job. Hahaha concentration..right.

7.  Do Nothing Unsanitary: Pretty much, we'd never consider licking our fingers or anything of the sort, but of course it seems that touching or breathing on anything contaminates it. How exactly to deal with this is something we're all trying to figure out.

8.  Fill The Case: Deemed by corporate to be the #1 issue of the day. Something which we feel there are a few things that precede. There's no way to get through 8 hours without hearing something about this from the assistant managers. 

9. Grouchy Old Ladies: Nothing more embarrassing than wheeling and dealing with these cooky old farts. Seriously, they like to accuse you of hiding things from them, like sewing needles or garbage bags, even though you haven't been remotely near those items for weeks. They're just so sweet.

10.  Hairnets: The absolute neccessity to be in the bakery. These little pieces of crap pretty much don't actually hold your hair in, they itch, and when you take them off your hair just looks like trash. So don't bother to do your hair. 

11.  Tooth Decay: Seriously, if you saw how much icing we whip through in a day's time, you'd gag. Oh, and do not eat the black icing.. ever! Your mouth will look the same, except your teeth aren't rotted, they're just turned a dark purple color for a while.

12. Where is the ____?: The question of the day. Goes back to the little old ladies too. Part of the job is to play help desk for customers looking for stuff. Doesn't matter if you've never heard of it, you work here so you must know right where it is.. if not, you're either lying or you've hidden it and are secretly laughing about it. Seriously.  

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