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Aaron Burgess

Webmeister of the long running "Comics Australia" website, and is the publisher of "Escape" and the music anthology "The Ink.  

Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine has done strips for lots of kids magazines including "Mania" and the Salvation Army Kids Magazine.. Find out more on his "Holy Cow" Christian Comics website 

Doug Holgate

Doug Holgate is the creator of "Tales from Under Your Bed" and has contributed to the "Flight" anthology.. 

Edward J. Grug III

Edward J. Grug is a prolific web comicist and has "The Bizarre Life of Charlie Redeye" appearing at and a large collection of comics at "If No One Likes Me Why Am I so Popular" site

Hayden Fryer

Hayden is the creator of "Billy the Demon Slayer" and for more info on his minicomics check out the Siberian Productions webpage

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas is a long running contributor to Australian comics contributing to "Reverie" in the past and to "The Ink" and "Oztaku" today.. Visit his Ian Thomas Graphics webpage for more news and comics.

Jase Harper

Jase is one of masterminds behind Queensland mini-comic "Sporadic" Jase has also recently appeared in "The Ink"

For more of his work and info on "Sporadic" check out his JaseDesign website

Jason Conlan

Mister J is the undisputed king of the wrestling cartoon, being a long running contributor to ProWrestling Illustrated and moonlighting as an announcer at local shows. He has also been known to put out the odd mini-comic or so...

John Passfield

John designs computer games for a living but has been known to do the odd cartoon or two. You can find more of The Boy from Kyogle's one-panel cartoons and comics at his John's Cartoons website.

Louise Pieper

Louise has contributed to a number of Australian anthologies and and her effort "Run, Run, Run" in the 24 hour comic competition showed why you shouldn't take biscuits for granted. 

Liz Argall

Co-conspirator with Stikman on the Snakeskins story. Liz has written many short stories some of which have even been turned into comics.

Maggie McFee

Prolific creator Maggie McFee does her science fiction adventure webcomic  Katie Galaxy  and also a journal comic Encre De Chine

Matt "Stikman" Huynh

Matt has had strips appear in "Voiceworks"  Magazine and as part of the  "NOISE" festival . More of his comics can be found online at Stikman comics

Michael Connolly

Michael has had illustrations appear in SF magazines and is currently working on a comic "Australis Incognito". More of his work can be found at his Comicsville website

Scott Beattie

Scott has released four issues of his mini comic the "Seven Swords" a mixture of fantasy, magic and weird science. His influences at the moment are Hong Kong action movies, anime, trashy seventies movies and funk.

Steve Stamatiadis

Steve is a computer game artist snd designer and and he also produces the Blade Kitten webcomic.

Tonia Walden

Tonia has recently  contributed to "The Ink #2" and the "Heaven and Hell" anthology. More of her work can be found at the Art Puppets webpage

Troy Kealley

Troy has contributed to  "The Ink", "Pirates"and has produced "Owen, Driver for Hire" and "Something Wicked"

More of his work can be found at the RadioTAK website