~Welcome to AznHottieGal's website!!~**Contains: Shoujo-ai (GirlxGirl), bad drawings >.<**
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Frequently Known Questions

 1.Are you dumb?         Why, Yes I am. I don't even got the settings right. I mean where the person lives and bio. And all the life junk....

2.Your a noob ,right?     Yep. I told you that already. In my profile ^^;; Not like you guys will read it anyhow.

3. Your a girl?       Yeahhh! Being a female rocks! =^-^=

4. So what games do you play?    What does it matter O.o;;;

5. What do you use to put your art here?      My camera ;_;

6. :]???          =^.^=!!

7. Are you a shoujo-ai fan?      OF COURSE!! I love shoujo-ai ^-^

8. I love you?          I LOVE YOU ,too!! ^_^

9.Your gay? Yes, I am happy. o_o; and bi <3

10. Do you hate comments?   Well, yeah. I hate them. ^^ I only like them on myspace or youtube! <3 But, now on my comments. That's why I disable them ^^; I am scared of getting hurt. ;-; I know I suck! =(

11.     ....?   ....!!

12. what's your e-mail?    blinklikemad@gmail.com :D

Jelena Nguyen ||   

The name 'Jelena' is not my real name. Anyways I am asain. I am a big fan of shoujo-ai. I love to draw. I live in the USA. I am very shy to talk to strangers especially girls. I find almost everything interesting. I ... full profile