~Welcome to AznHottieGal's website!!~**Contains: Shoujo-ai (GirlxGirl), bad drawings >.<**
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Jelena Nguyen ||   

~**The name 'Jelena' is not my real name.**~

 I am asian or viet (w/e). My favorite sports are soccer and baseball. I like to play Flag-Football. My birthday is Feb. 4 which is Rosa Parks Birthday to <3. My wish is to find someone right for me. I love to have parties and talk to my friends. I sometimes hate when people are around me. I get very annoyed when someone is watching me draw or I'm on the computer.I am bi <3. I am catholic. I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I am the only girl in the family T.T ! My friends well, my cousin keep complimenting me on how pretty I am. I hate being in photographs.

 My favorite music bands: The All-American Rejects, Three Days Grace, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Sum 41,Blink 182, Linkin Parks,Superchick, I think there's more ,but I just forgot.

 My favorite singers are: t.A.T.u,Avril Lavigne,Michelle Branch,Casada,Mandy Moore, Liz Phair, Kelly Clarkson,NickelBack. ( i just realize all most all of my singers are girls <3 and 1 boy xD)!!

 My favorite genre of music is: Rock, Soft rock, pop/rock, punk/rock;anything to do with rock lol., SOMETIMES grundge, metal!!!

I am a dumb girl lol. I am not the exciting. I talk alot. Not in messanger, though. I talk alot in like commenting such as myspace, or youtube. I like anime. I don't love it. Life is a wonderful thing! I love God!

I play FPS,RPG,MORPG. I love games. They are so fun. I love romantic games more. I find girlxgirl very interesting. My favorite color is (lime)green,black,white,red. I love highlighted colors.

Being asian is so fun. I love it!! I suck at drawing on computers or laptops. I wish I had a scanner. I use a camera to capture my drawings T.T Please no flames -.-; anyways. Thanks for reading this! LOL if you did your awesome and beautiful! If you didn't your cool and beautiful! :P

And this is like my first webcomic site ^^ and I am young lol. I am hurt when ever someone flames. And I don't like comments. That's why I made it in WebComicsNation.com it rocks! <3. Anyways I hope no one thinks it bad. Since I am a noobie at webcomics. I can't talk pro lol. on Webcomic. ^^;


LOL that was not my real e-mail! LOL its BlinkLikeMad@Gmail.com contact me if you like 8D


I am a punk princess. Never knew that existed untill now! lol. Now I like pink,lime green with black. Really pretty colors... I usually take things seriously. But, I am a joke person. So if you made a joke on me I wouldn't mind. I can't take pranks. Makes me annoyed.


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