~Welcome to AznHottieGal's website!!~**Contains: Shoujo-ai (GirlxGirl), bad drawings >.<**
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I sometimes update LATE at night. (I live in Louisiana!) So check if you miss a page or two. ^^

Daily, except when I don't want to
Rui Inu Misuki

Pronouced: Rui(ROO) Rose Misuki(Me-su-key)

Gender: Female (DUH!!!)

Birthday: July 4,1992

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Age: 15

Height: 5'9

Weigh: 100

Lives: Use to live in United states, then moved to Japan o_o; (i'll research later lol)

Favortie Colors: (lime)green,black, purple

Dislike colors: Blue,yello,pink

Likes: affection,flowers,soccer, ties, dark colors, arm warmers, skateboards, chocolate cake,cute things, tough people

Dislikes:people stare'ing at her, wimps, shorts, lipsticks, girlie stuff, strawberry cakes,beggars

Weakness: Cute things Back to the Cast Page


Jelena Nguyen ||   

The name 'Jelena' is not my real name. Anyways I am asain. I am a big fan of shoujo-ai. I love to draw. I live in the USA. I am very shy to talk to strangers especially girls. I find almost everything interesting. I ... full profile