~Welcome to AznHottieGal's website!!~**Contains: Shoujo-ai (GirlxGirl), bad drawings >.<**
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I sometimes update LATE at night. (I live in Louisiana!) So check if you miss a page or two. ^^

Daily, except when I don't want to
Thanks, brother! I really really am happy!! OMG! *squeals* YaY first family fanart XDD yay! so happy you did it brother! ~~~*gives hug* anyways thanks for making me fanart it makes me VERY happy o.o

My Bro's FanArt =^-^=

Hi! I like to help out my sister no matter what. even if she is mean and nice to me lol. anyways she helped me with this (drawing it mostly) lol. xD thanks jelena!
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The name 'Jelena' is not my real name. Anyways I am asain. I am a big fan of shoujo-ai. I love to draw. I live in the USA. I am very shy to talk to strangers especially girls. I find almost everything interesting. I ... full profile