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Soli Timur
(So-lee Tee-moor) Former student of Galileo III, Terran. ... more
Gunthere Jirko
(Goon-thay-rlay Jeir-ko) Nickname: Rle-Rle Former student of Galileo III, Vicollan. ... more
Midge Daneye
(Midjuh Dan-aye) Former student of Galileo III, Ranfelin. ... more
Sampson Daneye
(Sam-p-son Dan-aye) "Sam" Apprentice construct mechanic, Vicollan. ... more
Supporting Cast: Ekah-Na Mona Timur

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As multi-media packrat and an avid collector of broken things and artistic techniques, webcomics sort of slipped into what I do. ... full profile