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Gunthere Jirko

(Goon-thay-rlay Jeir-ko) Nickname: Rle-Rle Former student of Galileo III, Vicollan. Despite being part of the medically-inclined Jirko clan, Gunthere prefers plants because most of them don't bleed horrifically when you cut them open. Sent to Galileo III with her brood sisters to get more "cultural experience" when she was ten, Gunthere took quickly to the in-depth agricultural studies available at the school. When her sisters, already showing an aptitude for medicine, returned home a few years later to better focus their studies on the family's preferred path, Gunthere stayed behind to "figure herself out". Vaulting quickly to the top of the class in Agrifood, Soil Science and good ol' Plant Doctorin', she's pretty happy on her own.

Recently married to Sampson, Gunthere is taking her new husband to the long abandoned family farm on Bounty.

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