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Barry has been publishing cartoons and comic strips for over 10 years. His webcomics sites have drawn thousands of visitors. His published cartoons have appeared in national magazines such as American Legion Magazine, Lacrosse Magazine, The CityTown Extra, Kid Zones, The Artist's Magazine, True West Magazine, Outer Darkness, The Chicago Loop News, Medical Economics, Skipping Stones and FiftySomething Magazine.

Barry is a graduate of the Vesper George School of Art and has run a Graphic Design Agency for over 20 years. Barry also teaches Graphic Design at the New England Institute of Art in Boston.  He's published Comic Books and Graphic Novels under the imprint of Griffin Comics and has recently released  a new book, Kitty Nirvana: The First Ginger & Shadow Collection.

His first book was a collection of panel cartoons entitled, Embrace the Pun. Both are available at and

 Feel free to send him an email :