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I have no immediate plans for Surviving Mars. For the time being it's on an indefinite hiatus. 

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Well, here we are, the first comic of a new series. I can't promise much, aside from what I feel will be both an exciting and humorous story. In this strip, I've laid the ground for what the setting of the strip will be- Mars, more specifically, Ares-1. A station like this may very well be possible to construct today, but probably not on the same scale. That's assuming we ever actually send human beings to Mars. In the last panel is a theme that's going to be very familiar in this strip- silly crap I figure we'll have in the future. ;) Such as, talking vending machines with television screens on them. Why do I think we'll have that? Well, it's silly, vapid, and would probably sell a lot of candy, so there ya go.

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