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I have no immediate plans for Surviving Mars. For the time being it's on an indefinite hiatus. 

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Man, I love drawing shots like this. I?ve always been something of a science fiction buff- I?m really not a dire heard fan of any particular series, I just love the concept of space travel and all it entails. In case anyone was wondering, yes- man has created a space vessel able to travel to- say- Mars, in less than a day. And just to get it out there, no, in the comic faster than light travel has not yet been achieved by mankind. The being sitting in the background of panel two isn?t an alien per se- he?s actually a human being. We?ll be dealing with that matter later on in the series, so I don?t want to spoil it just yet. A familiar theme in this strip is certainly going to be "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

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