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I have no immediate plans for Surviving Mars. For the time being it's on an indefinite hiatus. 

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Fashion trends come and go. There was a time when wearing short pants in hot weather was considered silly. In this time period, shorts are fine for casual wear but an officer who ends up wearing them will get razzed for it. Ox won't be a main character or anything, but I want to bring him back from time to time. I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions about his "Special Officer" shirt. Vending machines are pretty well everywhere on the station. Technology has advanced enough that the machines can produce the food rather than simply store it, so the coffee is always fresh and the donuts are always golden brown ;) A man can dream, can't he?

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Dread Lord CyberSkull (cyberskull) says:

There are already machines like this for donuts. Mmm… Donuts…

Anyways, they just were a novelty. 

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