I'm sorry to say this, but the comic is not going to continue.  Misty and I have had a falling out and will no longer be working together. I take full responsibility for what happened.


As of now I have no intention of continuing with another artist. I am sorry if this decision upsets people, but sometimes these things do not work out.


4/10/10 UPDATE: For reasons I will not divulge in public, the comic archives had to be taken down. I apologize to all the readers for doing that, but it is more or less out of my hands.


I have had some readers request to draw the comic in Misty's place. While I appreciate the offers, it must be beared in mind that I cannot use Misty's character designs or her artwork. If the comic continued in any form, it would have to be either a soft reboot or a new spin-off of FWF. If anyone is interested in drawing anything like that, I can be reached at mechatodd @ yahoo dot com. However, I can't make anyone any promises that there will be any such continuation.  

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