The Cast

Wiley Longshadow

First appearance: Panel 1 (hand only)

Citizenship: Double Star

Background: Wiley has just served a five-year hitch as security chief aboard the vessel Double Star. The voyage went well and security was rarely needed for anything more serious than sorting out petty thefts, breaking up fistfights, and tracking down illegal alcohol stills. He has used some of his payout from that job to purchase a biz class key and start his own detective agency on Third York Station.

Dr. Malcolm Ishida

First appearance: Panel 12, page 6

Last appearance: Panel 20, page 8

Year of Birth: 2552

Year of death: 2633

last words:"I hate Mondays"

Citizenship: Former Citizen of Third York, now deceased

Residence: Former Resident of Moore Spinner, Third York, now deceased

Doctor Malcolm Ishida was a top scientist who worked designing chips for Third York Silicon. When TYS made their annual physicals a bit more stringent than they'd been in the past, they discovered a controller device in his head. TYS went to the police for help, but when the police tried to take Ishida into custody to find out who was controlling him, he went berserk and had to be killed.

Penny C. "La Loca" Munoz

First appearance: Panel 24, page 10

Year of Birth: 2614

Citizenship: Third York

Residence: Rockwell Spinner, Third York Station

In 2633, when Wiley returns to Third York, the 14-year-old he knew as "Sprout" is young adult, 19 years old. Penny C. Munoz, now somewhat famous to the local population as "La Loca", plays outer guard for the Sunside Bombers Ricochet team. She's a local sports hero.

She's a brash young woman who believes she knows what's best for everyone. She still has a crush on Wiley from back when she was an awkward 14-year-old, but she's not likely to admit it anytime soon, so she antagonizes him and gets him in trouble whenever possible instead.

Security Director Emilio Willis

First appearance: Panel 57, page 20

Citizenship: Third York

Residence: Chancery Spinner, Third York Station

Security Director Willis has approximately the same job that 21st century readers will know as "Police Chief" for Third York City. The mapping is only approximate because the way they get things done is a little different. In addition to being the highest ranking Lion (Law enforcement officer) Willis also is responsible for brokering employment contracts between private investigation firms and crime victims.

Willis is very distinctive in several ways. First of all, he is a cigarette smoker, which is a habit which is very expensive in life-support recycling environments such as Third York Station and very nearly extinct in his own place, time, and culture. Second, he wears sunglasses, which are not needed for Human Third Yorkers because lights that bright are generally not used inboard on the station. Sunglasses are fairly common for noctournal uplift species such as Cats and Bats, but distinctly odd on a Human. Third, a possible explanation for the sunglasses, he has a visible, ugly scar which runs from just under the inside tip of his left eyebrow, across the eye socket to just below his left cheekbone. Since medical technology in Third York Station is capable of growing and grafting replacements for skin or any other organ, and he is clearly a quite wealthy man, he could easily have had this old injury repaired.

Willis' behavior ranges from brusque to distinctly nasty. He exhibits no personal loyalty to superiors nor personal warmth to underlings, and has no compunctions about saying something that others regard as horrifying or unspeakable. He has risen to the head of the Third York security forces mainly because of his extreme competence at getting results as fast as possible and finding ways to rapidly stop crime even when criminals for whatever reason can't be legally arrested or prosecuted. The council may not like him, and he may tell them horrible things they don't want to hear, but he has earned their absolute and justified confidence in his commitment to and competence for stopping crime.


First appearance: Panel 70, page 24

Citizenship: Double Star

Year of birth: 2587

Residence: Peltee Zeegee Zone, Third York.

Falkland is one of Wiley's former crewmates from the Double Star, where he worked as a magnetic drive systems technician. He is a Snake. Snakes are rare and have a fairly insular culture on Third York; Falkland is unusual in having any mammal friends.

Snakes are the species that the uplift scientists used as a testbed for brain enhancements leading to sentience (as opposed to simply copying Human structures), and were the second non-mammalian species (after Tortoises) raised to sentience. As such their brains have several unusual characteristics. Their brains continue to grow new neurons throughout life, and individuals go through changes corresponding to alternating growth and pruning of neural structures in a cycle that slows with age. The "growth" cycle begins with a descent into something like senescence, continues with the emergence of a childlike personality capable of very rapid learning but not much discrimination, and ends with a pruning returning the Snake to something like adult consciousness. Most Snakes keep journals because these cycles tend to erase most memories more than two or three cycles old. Falkland is 44 years old as our story starts and is nearing the end of a cycle about 8 years long. His memories prior to 15 years previous, where available at all, are vague and disjointed. Older and larger Snakes, being capable of maintaining larger brains, have longer cycles, more time to train useful skills, and frequently higher intelligence. Very young Snakes, until their third or fourth pruning cycle which happens at age six or seven, are not capable of sentience or language use, and function as animals.

Snakes do not form families. Although older snakes do take an interest in the welfare of populations of young Snakes still animal in consciousness, there is no special social relationship between parents and children, nor any continuing social relation between adult snakes after mating.

Hiroshi "Sammo" Samuels

First appearance: Panel 70, page 24

Citizenship: Double Star

Sammo is one of Wiley's former crewmates from the Double Star, where he worked maintaining and sometimes upgrading the mechanical systems on the ore tenders and other small launches. Although he was a very good mechanic, now that he has gotten rich on the Double Star he anticipates never having to work again in his life. The way he figures it, a million myds is more than ten times what most Third Yorkers make in a lifetime, so he's going to have to party ten times harder than ordinary people to use it all up.

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