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Tuesday and Thursday

New Schedule.

Wow. Holy carp, this level of art is taking FOREVER! I guess this is the first time the schedule actually slipped. On the plus side, I like the way it looks and I'm going to get faster (I hope) with practice. And I'm not above using a whole bunch of cut-n-paste in order to tell the story once I have a suitable library of images in this style to do it.

I'm making my uplift animals a lot less anthropomorphic than is usual for webcomics, but the Cat newscaster who's black with a white muzzle is an homage to Alistair, the newscasting feline over on Thomas K. Dye's venerable strip, Newshounds. Anybody who hasn't checked out Newshounds ought to do so. Now. It's a good comic, it's usually funny, and it's got great character development and a lot of heart. Don't get confused here, though. This definitely isn't Alistair, and there's no continuity between Newshounds and this strip except that Newshounds might be known to some of my characters as classic literature. This Cat lives six centuries later and his first intelligent ancestors weren't born until 2260. The storyverses simply don't intersect.

In other news? I'm still going for the weekly update, but my schedule has shifted around such that Tuesday morning is a much better bet than Sunday morning. So, until further notice, I'm going to try to be a Tuesday comic.

Also, I'm about convinced that I will need to create something that indexes the archives way better than this.

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