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If you're served your meal by a good waiter or waitress, you give them a tip. If you're walking down the street and you see a musician performing with his guitar case open, you may throw a dollar inside of it.

Why not apply this kind of thinking to websites you like? If you like what I'm doing here, give me a tip. If you're a frequent visitor to this site but don't have time to comment on anything, why don't you give me a tip to show your approval?

I'd prefer that you tip using Paypal (since they don't take a percentage of it for themselves), but feel free to use the Amazon Honor System if you're more comfortable with it.

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I've led an interesting life as a Gen X-er, comics creator, graduate student, white collar professional, and political activist. I write about it in my autobiographical comic strip MISFIT'S JOURNEY. ... full profile

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