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The best way to keep up with me is to follow my blog at It contains a wealth of information on me, my past comics works, and my future plans. I'll be blogging in great detail about future episodes of MISFIT'S JOURNEY and many of the different things on my mind.

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Each Webcomics Nation account comes standard with an RSS feed and an email notification list. While I'd prefer that you keep track of me using the feed above, you're welcome to use the links below:

1. Headlines-only RSS feed: (This feed updates whenever I post a new update to the MISFIT'S JOURNEY series.)

2. If you'd prefer, click here to join my email notification list. (You'll get a message whenever I post an update to MISFIT'S JOURNEY.)

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I've led an interesting life as a Gen X-er, comics creator, graduate student, white collar professional, and political activist. I write about it in my autobiographical comic strip MISFIT'S JOURNEY. ... full profile

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