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One shot mini-comic
Lizard Drinkin (lizard) says:

Ben, this is a spectacular effort so far - really gripping!  Please keep going.

Damien Walder (damien_walder) says: Kafka is creeping under these pages, isn't he?
Damien Walder (damien_walder) says: Wow - I had missed the 2 pages where he's at home - this makes a lot more sense on second read-through.
Pascal R (p-04referent) says: Of course you know, that "Cloaca Maxima" was the name of ancient Rome's main sewer. So I get the feeling that Billy's going to find himself in very deep crap... ;-)
I also get the feeling that these teens are older than the graphic style makes them look. What with the pregnancy theme and all. And with Sandy's very grown-up words on this page (well said, girl!). Cute graphics to balance a serious topic, that's potentially a very clever choice. I for one am very impatient to read the rest.
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