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My name is Christopher Berchtold and I live in Cincinnat, Ohio. I started "Through Light and Darkness" at the end of September of 2009.  I am currently going to UC College of Applied Science for my engineering degree. I love to play the drums, and practice them for at least an hour everyday. Does this sound a little familiar? Yes, it sounds a lot like Deimos's profile, thats because Deimos is me, and the comic strip is mostly about my life, with one small difference.  I don't fight evil, nor do I have special Godly powers that Deimos has. A lot of the situations in this comic may have been based on my life, the end result is usually different. Well, I hope you enjoy the comic strip as much as I enjoy writing them.


CONTENT WARNING: For those of you with hyper-sensitive dispositions or little children should be warned that this comic strip may contain words or ideas that may be considered objectionable to some. There shouldn't be anything here that you won't find on television, such as Family Guy or King of the Hill, but you have been warned.