Through Light and Darkness

Through Light and Darkness

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Deimos Foxx

Deimos Foxx is a male fox who goes to college at UC, plays the drums, and any time he has free, he spends it with his friends. Deimos is going for a four year degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is really enjoying myself living on campus. His roommate, and best friend, is a lazy raccoon named Greg. Deimos also works at a part time job at a company that designs and builds environmental test chambers. One day while walking back to his car, he found a set of keys who belong to a beautiful vixen named Danni. He instantly fell inlove with her. Normal life, normal college student . . . . sort of. One night, Deimos was visited by Archangel Gabriel and taken to Heaven and Hell to obtain Godly powers to destroy evil that has been escaping from Hell. His powers are good and evil, good being angel wings and a sacred sword, and the evil power are him becoming a half fox, half Hell-hound beast. Most of the time he's a normal college student, when evil appears, it's time to go to work! Back to the Cast Page

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