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"Closing Time? What's That?"

My second web comic. Over 240 strips of downbeat shennanigans:
Four  Men. One Pub. No Limits!


A sporty beer with an honest taste and straightforward character. Freakish injuries and bad luck are entirely at drinker's own risk. ... more
An aquired taste. The cutting character of this acid tipple could almost be called devious. ... more
While it's very direct taste may appeal to some, the rough quality of this ale will leave most uncharmed. ... more
A gregarious and big-headed pint. However repeated exposure will only result in annoyance. [No longer serving] ... more
Kylie & MK
Himself's little sister and her ever-present boyfriend. ... more
Landlady of the Tap & Crown, mother of Himself and Kylie, and Power in the Land. ... more
Sicknote's intelligent, pretty and very patient girlfriend. ... more
Chief's wife. Heavily pregnant and utterly formidable. ... more
Drew Morlock
Drew Morlock, king of the mobile disco, was a moderately successful pop star in the 90's. Sadly, he still thinks he is. ... more
The Tap & Crown's quizmaster par excellence. ... more
An innocent and almost impossibly naive fallguy. ... more
The Knights of CAMBA
The Questing arm of the Campaign for Real Beer; Festivals, Weddings and Mythical Beast Slaying a Speciality. ... more
The Tap & Crown's pub dog. In temperament, it is a wolverine trapped in a small dog's body. ... more
Demon. The patron tormentor (as opposed to saint) of drunks and layabouts. ... more
Bradley Carver
Arbiter of cultural taste or prententious hack? You decide. ... more
The Big Man
Freakishly small Glaswegian would-be gangster, often accompanied by equally freakishly large henchman. ... more
Dr Gillian DeVries
Celebrity anthropologist and presenter of 'Human Nature'. ... more
Old Bill
Always found propping up the Tap & Crown bar, mainly because he's a stuffed corpse. ... more
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