Welcome to Black Cardinal Comics, a series of comics and illustrations created by Tek Rubio and Mike Garcia. All the stories and even art, attempt to defy reality in some way, and tweak the way we are used to look at it, at least as far as the talent of the creators allows it.

Flagship, workhorse and cannon meat of these authors is Mighty Mau character, a frustrated mexican urban defender.

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Tek and Mike ||   

Independent, amateurish, decided yet not well marketed pencilers and colorists living in chaotic Mexico City.

Tek is a graduate in design with tons of experience in advertising design and 3D art. Regarding comics he is a lover of traditional media used to reflect maximum texture and emotion in complex, deep characters and environments. His influences are mainly the classics.

He is a hardcore comic fan perhaps since he has had memory, and its shown in the delicacy of the detail of his pencils. Now, he intends to create different stories and concepts, out of the common mindset, and wants everyone in the world to know his work. And why not, make a living of it sometime in the future!

Mike is a marketing graduate, specialized in interactive marketing and advertising. On the artistic side, he has only received self-taught education in arts and illustration, always looking for technical and instructional books to evolve and learn more. His heaviest influences are Burne Hogarth, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, and Joe Madureira, amongst others.

His attraction towards comics and illustration started about ten years ago in the high school, having only his friends as fans and followers. Ah, he also wants to live from comics sometime in the future.